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Setting Up Your Device

How to install Kodi Install apps from unknown sources Fixing internet connection issues Device is not set to English

Updating Kodi

How to update Kodi "APK not found" error "Click to run A1 Media" error "Not enough space" error Kodi won't open after update Update only downloads part way I lost A1 Media

Watching Content

"No stream available" error Buffering issues Streams are asking to "pair" Kodi add-on won't open "Check the log" error Stream won't play No audio playing Kodi always says "preparing for first run"

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Performing weekly maintenance Fixing internet connection issues Edges of the screen are cut off Buffering issues Device automatically turns on TV automatically turns on No audio playing Kodi says cache is full Device is not set to English Device is running slow Not powering on Kodi always says "preparing for first run" Google Play Store isn't working


Air mouse remote not working Air mouse remote not turning device on/off

Customizing Your Device

Changing the 5 add-ons on the Kodi homepage Adding content to favourites Installing additional apps Install apps from unknown sources Turn off the light on the T95Z Plus Adjusting display size